Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Woman of Words

Keith and I were chatting before church started on Sunday, covering some of the finer points of rhetorical disputes in the New Testament and the supposed rivalry between Paul and Apollos, as discussed in a recent book review he worked on, which I edited.  The specifics aren't really relevant to this story today, although if you're interested in rhetorical disputes or New Testament Studies book reviews (shameless plug disclaimer), Keith has a pretty great new blog going on the topic.

What is relevant to the story today, is the epithet attributed to Apollos is Acts, chapter 18.  Keith mentioned that according to the Greek, Apollos is known as an ""Aner Logios" or "Man of Words" (capitalization mine), someone skilled with words and oratory and classical rhetoric.  Someone with a fluency for crafting arguments and expressing beliefs or viewpoints.  And, of course, my ears perked up, because, that's so cool!  And, of course, I want to be a Woman of Words!

So I asked Keith what the Greek would be for a Woman of Words.  And you know what?  Gune Logios just doesn't sound as cool.  Neither does Gyne Logios, which is another way to spell it, or even the gender-neutral Anthropos Logios, meaning a Person of Words.  Guess I'll just have to settle for plain old English Woman of Words.  Or I guess you can address me as Goddess of Words if you insist.

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