Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, I understand that this is Young Adult Literature, and I understand that it's based on a vote of young adults who, let's face it, probably just haven't had enough time to develop, you know, actual taste.  But when I saw this list compiled by Persnickety Snark of the Top 100 Young Adult Novels and noticed that three of the four stinking Twilight novels made it, but not a single mention of Anne of Green Gables appears just makes me stabby, you know?  Like, keep the sharp objects far away from me or someone's getting hurt, because that's just wrong!!

On a happier note, it's nice to see so many Harry Potter books on the list.  And I'm glad To Kill a Mockingbird still pulls pretty high rankings.


  1. Hey - thanks for mentioning the list. As for Anne of Green Gable, I adore her and she did make the list but was disqualified as she's MG (the first title anyway) by my expert adjudicator. I hope this clears this up :)

  2. Adele,

    Thanks for clearing that up, I will now completely let you off the hook. I figured it was just kids these days, anyway, and no fault of yours. By the way, love your site especially the title!