Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One More Year

It seems all but decided.  The fates have spoken and allotted us one more year in Waco, Texas.  No job offers have come in, and no potential jobs loom on the horizon for Keith.  No bags have been packed.  The house is not on the market.  The house is not even ready to go on the market.  We officially committed today to one more year of being *bad* Sunday School teachers.  Keith has two classes to teach at Baylor in the Fall and one in the Spring.  He's actually moving into his on-campus office today (and he gets a faculty parking sticker this year!!!).  I'm planning full steam ahead for another year at my job.  I guess we are locked and loaded.

Am I disappointed?  Probably a whole lot less than you would think.  I totally looked forward to the possibility of our new adventure, of starting new things in a new place with new people.  But with one more year in Waco, that's one more year that I get to keep looking forward to those new possibilities.  It's one more year that anything can happen.  Is it a little neurotic that I like my burgeoning possibilities a little more distant and far off and a little less, you know, actual?  Sure.  Is it strange that I like the idea of possibility more than I like physically rolling up my sleeves and taking that leap?  Perhaps.  But that's the way of it.  

And with one more year in Waco, that's one more year that I get to keep having this adventure.  One more year that I get to keep deepening and strengthening relationships with people I love.  One more year to keep exploring the places that have become home to me.  Work is going well right now, even though it's busy and challenging and well, let's face it, sometimes really hard.  We really enjoy Waco.  And we love our church and our friends and this odd little corner that we've carved our niche in.

Does it feel like we're a little bit stalled?  Yeah, sometimes.  A little bit.  There are certain things (babies, grad school, home improvements) that we feel we can't really plan for right now, not knowing how long we'll be here, or where we'll end up next and when.  But that's okay, too.  It's sometimes a little adventure of it's own, this suspended feeling, if we can learn to love it.  And mostly, well, I just really love my life exactly the way it is.  So there's that.  And there's one more year of it to look forward to.

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