Saturday, August 21, 2010


"Art is the language of the brain’s right hemisphere; science is the language of the left. And the tug-of-war between the two gives us a funny, dual consciousness; the heart whispers one thing while the mind declares another."

Found this in a newletter I read every week. I think it is, perhaps, as good an explanation as I've run across for why we insist on dividing ourselves into heart and mind, body and soul and spirit; for the reason we feel we need those labels and definitions. To be able to talk about different aspects of ourselves, different parts and pieces of ourselves, even as we are one whole.

This division, this constant carving of ourselves into opposing dualities, is something I've been thinking about, something Keith and I have been talking about, a lot lately. Maybe something to ponder more on here at this ole blog. For now, let's consider this: who says I have a separate heart and mind? A separate body and spirit? Who says the places within me are doomed to be constantly diametrically opposed?

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