Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Sweet Addie Grace

She was born two weeks ago today. January 16th at 11:36 am.

She weighed 8 lbs and 5.7 oz.

She was 20.1 inches long.

She spent the first days of her life surrounded by her Mommy and Daddy.

And her Mama and Papa Cherry.

She never goes more than a few minutes without being loved on and cuddled.

She loves to rock, swing, eat, sleep, and snuggle. 

She also really, really loves her pacifier.

She is the most amazing thing we've ever seen.

More soon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

40 Weeks, 3 Days

My due date came and went quite uneventfully on Saturday. Now it's Tuesday and we're still waiting. Our girl's not showing any signs of wanting to leave her comfy-cozy home just yet, so it looks like we're going to make it to our scheduled induction on Thursday morning. We'll report to the hospital at 5:00 am. My favorite time of day!

The weather turned cold and gray overnight. There's been a steady drizzle all morning and I've had the fire burning away the chill in our living room. Keith went back to work yesterday and the house felt especially quiet and empty. I felt quite anxious and impatient leading up to Saturday and through the weekend, but now it seems that something inside me has settled into the waiting and the lack of control and I'm feeling pretty relaxed and peaceful. One way or another she will be here soon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

39 Weeks, 4 Days

It's been very quiet around here lately as we settle into the waiting period. I'm more incredibly grateful than ever to be able to work from home right now. I don't think I could manage sitting straight upright at a desk all day every day. But I also don't think I could just sit at home, not working, just twiddling thumbs and waiting for something to happen.

It is truly the best of all worlds for me right now- sitting cross-legged on the couch, barefoot, my laptop balanced on a cushion in front of my giant belly. I have plenty of last minute work-related loose ends to occupy my mind but none feel too stressful or urgent. Keith is in and out but mostly nearby as he prepares for the new semester, runs errands, and vacuums up cat hair. I think he's nesting.

Right now I'm sitting, soaking in the silence. It's the end of a gorgeous sixty-five-and-sunny-day. The windows are open and delicious, fresh, green smells of pine and grass and damp earth are drifting through the air. The kitties have all come back in after a day spent romping in the sunshine and are sprawled, exhausted and content, across the floor. The house seems full of expectant stillness- like even these old floors and walls anticipate the big changes coming any moment.

A few days ago I was feeling no hurry. Mounting anticipation, yes, but no real longing for things to hurry-up-and-happen. But now, I'm longing. Now I am secretly willing things to move. I want to hasten the pace of things. I'm so ready to meet our little girl, ready to kiss her tiny cheeks and squish her tender toes. We took a walk at lunchtime. I suppose I hoped it might set something in motion inside me. Instead, it seems all I accomplished was to lull the tiny girl in my belly down into deep sleep. She's been much calmer than usual ever since.

Which is, itself, a small mercy. Growing bigger and running out of extra space hasn't in any way stopped or slowed her constant motion. I still spend most of each day (and night!) with a belly that rolls like a restless sea. She is strong and dauntless, and full of enthusiastic energy, it seems. And maybe almost ready to meet the world?

I told her today would be a perfect day to be born.