Thursday, February 11, 2010

Special Delivery

I was out of the office ALL DAY on Tuesday for meetings in Dallas.  I walked in the office today to find a package waiting for me.  In the refrigerator.  Because it came from my mom, in the same box she uses to ship coffee cakes and Nancy, our sweet front office lady, recognized it and assumed it must be a cake.  

It was not a cake.  It was something even better.  Behold!

Mom is selling these beautiful bracelets in her shop for Valentine's Day.  They're handwoven into LONG strands of leather and beads (or in my case pearls) and then you wrap them around your wrist.  Mine wraps five times around.  There are some longer ones that I think may wrap ten times around.  More styles can be viewed (and obsessed over) here.  Or if you want to buy your very own, just email me and I'll get you some more details.  Or you can check out mom's website (but I don't think she has pictures of these bracelets up yet).  They're not cheap, but mom is able to sell them below retail so they're kind of a steal.

And they're BEAUTIFUL.  I just LOVE mine!  Never want to take it off.  Although I guess I have to to shower.  On another note, this arrived today as a Birthday/Valentine's surprise from my Daddy.

It' orchid.  In a pot made of bark and fungi.  With some kind of weird leaf-propellers?  It's....pretty, I a very modern, floral-arrangement-as-art sort of way.  But it's not exactly my taste.  And it's definitely not something my dad would pick out!!  I mean, look at the close-up view of the base.

Interesting, right?  Do you see those mushrooms tucked in around the leaf-propellers? Mushrooms!  Leaf-propellers! 

Although I have to admit, the flowers themselves are gorgeous!  So, do I have to water this thing?  Plant it in the ground?  I have a very black thumb and an even worse track record with all things plant-like.  Does anyone know how to take care of an orchid?  Or feel like adopting one?


  1. I love the orchid! I think the propellers are actually supposed to look like a dragon fly! That is what it looks like to me and I think it's so sweet and pretty! Great job Uncle Benny...k now you have to leave me a comment next time I post!

  2. It really is pretty. But it's honestly not my Daddy's kind of pretty. If he could have seen it, I really don't think he would like it. You have to appreciate the scale of the thing. It's over three feet tall! I don't think Daddy even knows what an orchid is. He ordered it from the place that did my wedding flowers, assuming that they would do something similar to that. He is really the sweetest Daddy in the whole wide world.