Monday, March 5, 2012

Lenten Lessons

I'm enjoying this Lenten season almost as much as I expected to. I find that I'm learning good lessons from this time. I'm learning the joy of limiting excess. I'm learning the peace of consecrated moments. I'm also learning to choose a handful of things I love- things that make every one of my days more livable, purposeful, magical -and make them an unexceptionable priority. 

I'm cooking somewhat elaborate meals every night with my favorite sous chef. I'm taking smaller bites of only the most delicious foods. I'm chewing slowly to really savor every nuance of texture and flavor. I'm leaving room for big smiles between almost every single bite.

I'm taking walks almost every day. Long walks. And short ones. I'm paying closer attention to the landscapes I pass. I'm using the time for phone dates with friends and family.

I'm setting aside extra time in the mornings for essential non-essentials. Lingering over a third cup of coffee. Reading really good books. Writing in a big, beautiful journal with a favorite pen.

I'm drinking mug after mug of hot tea on chilly afternoons. I'm cranking up the space heater under my desk. I'm working in cute, comfy clothes and warm, soft slippers.

I'm enjoying myself and feeling more peaceful about my days. I'm breathing deeper and feeling stronger. I'm trusting. And I'm content.

It's pretty nice. And I'm deeply grateful.

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