Friday, March 12, 2010

Must be my Lucky Day

Keith and I have both been needing new glasses for a while now.  Seriously.  The lenses is my "best" glasses are totally covered in scratches and for the last 9 months one of the earpieces has been held on with a paper clip.  They are in bad shape.  But I don't wear my glasses every day, and getting new glasses is so expensive that making the necessary upgrade has just seemed like a luxury that we can't really afford.

Until now...

Today I discovered Warby Parker, and they have literally become my new heroes.  

They sell glasses- adorable, unique, well-crafted glasses- for $95 a pair.  We're not just talking frames here- that includes the fancy, light-weight, high-tech lenses, as well.  And they ship for free.  And they'll send up to five pairs to your home so you can try them all on and decide which ones you like best, also for free (or you can upload a photo and do a virtual try on).  And they have a no questions asked return policy.  And for every pair they sell, they give one away to someone in need.  They are just this wonderful cornucopia of brilliant design & innovative marketing & exceptional customer service & practical philanthropy.

I can't help myself, I have such a crush on the entire company right now and I had to blog about it.  And tonight I'm ordering five pairs for my free home try on.  I think I like the "Harper" style the best, but I can't decide if I want them in sandalwood matte or if I should dare to go for the summer green.  Anyone want to weigh in?

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  1. SO COOL! Thanks for the rec. I just got new ones at Costco (you know you've become a suburban wife when your favorite place to shop is Costco :)) Any way, I can't wait to see your new frames in April. Sherman calls mine "The Potters" because they are round like Harry Potter. They are fun. I say make a statement. You don't wear them all the time anyway! Love U!