Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Cry From the Heart of a Woman

My heart cries out to be pursued. I long to be longed for. I long for someone to be so captivated by me that they boldly chase after me. I desire someone full of passion to be inspired by me and to inspire a deep passion within me and to sweep me away on an incredible adventure. I want to share in the battle, in the danger, in the excitement of life. I long to have a treasure, a secret beauty to be discovered and revealed by one special person. I want to have a beauty to unveil. I want to be a mystery. I want to be more than what I appear to be. I want to have more inside than every one else sees in me. I want to be known to the depths of my heart and soul and to be loved and appreciated for the beauty that resides there. I want danger, adventure, excitement, romance, and unconditional, never-ending love. I want to truly and fully belong to someone and I will never be satisfied with a partial fulfillment. I don't want to be afraid. I don't want to lock my heart away and hide from risk and the possibility of heartbreak. I want to love recklessly and to give all of my heart and life. I want a love that demands all of me and that won't allow me to hold back. I want to unleash my heart- the heart of a woman- and follow it as it chases after and finds all of my dreams and desires.

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