Friday, October 25, 2013

Something Amazing Just Happened

You know that amazing thing that happens when the weather turns chilly each year? How you start to pull out coats and sweaters and fleeces you haven't worn in months? And inevitably you reach into at least one pocket and pull out a folded up ten or twenty dollar bill? Score!!!

Well, I just put on my favorite red fleece for the first time in I don't know when....

     .....reached into the pocket....

          .....and pulled out a pacifier!!!

Everything changes when you become a parent. Everything! In ways you could just never predict or imagine.

Here's Addie at Baylor's homecoming football game last weekend. She made it through the entire game and loved every minute. She's a fan!


  1. Addie is so darling and gets cuter and cuter! I can't wait to see you all at Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks! We can't wait to see you too!!!