Friday, February 4, 2011

The Good Stuff

It's really been one of those weeks. $200 refrigerator repair, frozen pipes in our kitchen and bathroom, rolling blackouts that crashed our network server at the office limiting productivity, an uncooperative home printer when I'm frantically rushing to get invitations in the mail, delays on the delivery of my birthday boots, and the farm-fresh organic vegetables we ordered. COLD weather. To top it all off, last night the long-awaited boots finally arrived, and they are not cute on me. At all.

As I said to Keith last night, it was like we were getting all of the annoyances and frustrations that come with bitter winter weather, and none of the good stuff. Where was the snow? Where was that peace and stillness that hangs over the earth on a white winter morning? Where was that light, fluffy white stuff that makes all this mess worth it? All I had was frantic-ness and tiny, irritating problems. I wanted a refund on my winter.

But last night the good stuff came. Before we went to bed we could see it sifting gently down and hear it tapping politely at our window panes. And this morning the world was blanketed in white, bringing with a closed office (pending further evaluation as the day progressed) and the gift of a few extra quiet hours. I spent them sitting near the window in pajamas and thick fuzzy socks, my snuggie wrapped around me, and a steaming mug in my hand. I've been watching the kitties, who are as completely mesmerized and delighted in the changes outside as I am. I've pulled back all the blinds and curtains, and their eyes are wide with wonder as they dart from window to window gazing out at this strange and unfamiliar landscape.

The view across the street this morning.
We made a brief attempt at getting through the snow and out to the office that was quickly aborted due to sliding tires and cars stuck at every traffic light and intersection. So now we are back at home, officially snowed in. The rest of the day with probably be spent hunkering down and gazing out windows some more with more snuggie and steaming mug action. I'm sure we'll work in a little book reading and movie watching as well.

The view down our street this morning.
This day, this stall, this pause, brings me an opportunity to sit still and breathe that I've been needing for a long time without even realizing it. It's an opportunity to catch up, not on office work or house work or even email and gossip blogs, but a chance to catch up with myself a little. To check in. To muse and ponder. And to enjoy all this good stuff.

P.S. The invitations, problematic as they were, managed to turn out really well.

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