Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A priceless, perfect locket deep-buried in its chest
Two hearts of gold shield gems untold
A treasure to beget

It's lengths of chain lie tangled - matted knots within their depths
I pluck at strands with unsure hands
I cannot wear it yet

Plied with trembling fingers now another link is freed
Sweet urgency burns hot in me
A triumph laced with greed

In clumsy haste it tumbles, scatters, crashes to the floor
What's left to me now seems to be
More hopeless than before

Return it to the coffin-box shoved down between the folds
Still jewel-bright dreams wink up at me
Each beckoning - "Take hold!"

Destined for priceless, perfect rest, bright-gleaming on my breast
It still needs such untangling
I cannot wear it yet

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